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Thank you in advance for your support of math education through participation in Math Masters.
Math Masters of Minnesota, Inc.
Founded 1988 in Austin, MN

Financial Support for Math Masters

Math Masters continues to advocate low registration fees and is dependent upon financial support from generous donors in order to sustain fees at reasonable levels for the students and schools.

If you would to like to make Math Masters a part of your charitable giving, or if you can recommend an organization that may wish to support youth and become a sponsor, please contact Executive Director Janel Horner.

Donations should be mailed and made payable to:

Math Masters

301 3rd St. NW

Austin, MN 55912

Math Masters is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible

*By contributing to Math Masters, you are supporting high-quality math education.

Online link for easy charitable giving to Math Masters