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Info & FAQ

Competition Schedule: Generally registration starts at 8:15-8:45am.  Volunteer Instruction 8:45am-9:00am Competitions start at 9:00am and end around noon.  *Some sites have different start/end times, please refer to your registration confirmation for exact times.

  1. The scheduled time for each competition category will be as follows:
    1. Fact Drill – five (5) minutes
    2. Four Individual Rounds – ten (10) minutes each (after this registered individuals are done with their portion of the competition)
    3. Three Team Rounds – fifteen (15) minutes each

Team Competition

  1. All teams must be registered in advance of the competition date.
  2. Teams may be comprised of no fewer than four and no more than five students.
  3. The top four scores from each individual round are included in the team totals.
  4. Alternates may only attend as spectators (unless registered as an individual competitor)
  5. The same students must compete in all rounds of the competition.
  6. Team roster changes may be made prior to the competition.

Schools are encouraged to include as many students as possible in preparation for the competition and register more than one team. The team selection test (included in the packet mailed to registered team coach or contact upon receipt of payment) may be used to select team members. At the competition, alternates sit with the general public.

Individual Competition

  1. Individuals compete for Fact Drill and Individual Round Awards.
  2. Individuals are not considered part of a team and will not be included in any team awards. *Some sites will allow individuals to form ad hoc teams on day of competition although scores are not considered for any team awards.
  3. Individuals must be registered in advance of the competition date.

A packet which includes a practice test will be mailed to the contact person listed following receipt of payment. 

*New Practice Packets are Available

Many different practice packets are available via Practice Packet Order Form.  The packets will be e-mailed upon receipt of payment.


If you are a first-time coach, you may order last year’s tests free of charge. Please select this option on your order in the fee section when you register.

The Tests and How the Competition Works

Eight rounds of problems cover the following mathematical areas:

  • number facts/order of operations
  • numeracy/properties of numbers
  • geometry/time/money
  • statistics/ probability/counting
  • decimals/fractions/percents
  • charts/graphs
  • sequences/series and for 6th grade only pre-algebra

Awards given at the competition include participation certificates for all members, individual place awards and team plaques.

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The event includes an individual fact drill, four individual problem-solving rounds, and three group problem-solving rounds with team members cooperating over the solutions. The competition lasts approximately three to four hours, including short breaks.


Only non-programmable calculators are permitted. However, no calculators may be used with the fact drill round. (No cell phones or handheld computers are allowed)

Volunteers: Each participating individual/team must provide at least one adult volunteer. Volunteer duties at the competition may include being a test checker, score recorder, proctor, runner or other as assigned. Volunteers will be given assignments and instructions upon check-in at the event.

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8:15-8:45 a.m. 


8:45-9:00 a.m. 

Welcome/Directions for Volunteers

9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Fact Drill Round

Individual Rounds 1 & 2


Individual Round 3

Tiebreaker Round


Team Rounds 1, 2, & 3

11:45 a.m. -12:15 p.m.

Announcement of Awards

*Please note that the schedule times are approximate, and will vary from site to site depending on the number of teams, etc