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2019 Results

2019 Top Award Winners will be contacted directly by Math Masters

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Congratulations to all students!

Oak Hill Team Members show their excitement for the Minnesota Twins and Math Masters!

2019 5th Grade Top Award Winners:

Fact Drill

1st place: William Yan, Lincoln K-8 Choice School

2nd place tie:

Callie Hable, Buffalo Lake-Hector Elementary

      Ryan Tung, Oak Hills Elementary


1st place:  Angie Huang, Valley Crossing Elementary

2nd place: Ethan Lu, Valley Crossing Elementary

3rd place: Alex Wycoff, Prairie View Elementary 


1st place:  Gateway 3, Valley Crossing Elementary

Ketaki Jorapurkar
Ethan Lu
Prisha Rathore
Alex Wang
Chris Wang

2nd Place:  Meadow Ridge Team 2

Aaratrika Mondal
Sneha Kundu
Anishk Nag
Amy Zhang
Selina Wang
3rd Place:  Gateway 1, Valley Crossing Elementary
Zachary Barnaby
David Li
Ryan Niu
Daniel Song
Zeb Taylor


2019 6th Grade Top Award Winners:

Fact Drill:

1st place: Nyima Namru, Prairie View Elementary School

 2nd place tie: 

Adithi Varathan, Wayzata Central Middle School

Anirudh Raj, Prairie View Elementary School

Brody Nikolaisen, Discovery Middle School


1st place:  Miklos Baumann, Schaeffer Academy

2nd place: Isaac Ahn, Schaeffer Academy

3rd place: Ty Nelson, Forestview Middle School


1st Place:  Schaeffer Academy  

Gabriella Buehler
Eva Hunderfund
Theodore Dow
Isaac Ahn
Miklos Baumann

2nd Place: Prairie View Team 2

Weiwei Chen

Nyima Namru 

Anirudh Raj 

Frankie Campion 

Zachary Weisman

3rd Place:  Nativity White 

Margaret Dobie
Jane Laurey
Finn Cox
Will Cunningham
Ben O’Shaughnessy


*These students will receive Minnesota Twins Tickets!